Many wonderful people who loved Priest Lake are remembered at the Priest Lake Memory Gardens.
Below are some remembrances written by their loved ones.


Jim (Poppy) Anderson

Jim (Poppy) Anderson (7/31/1934 – 9/4/2017)


Jim “Poppy” loved Priest Lake since he was a child. His dream had always been to raise his family here. In 1972, he fulfilled that dream when he purchased Linger Longer Lodge and we became full time residents. Jim spent the next 45 years developing Linger Longer Condominiums, Cougar Run and built many custom homes around the lake. Dad always believed in helping others. He was only a phone call away from those in need. He helped start the West Priest Lake Volunteer Fire Department. He loved to sail, fish, golf, water ski, snow ski and snowmobile. He enjoyed huckleberry picking with his family. He would pull his daughters and friends water skiing for hours. Poppy was an incredible granddad and loved dearly by all his grandchildren. Poppy’s warmth and big smile always made you feel welcome and special. And, to him, you were.


Maurice Swank

Maurice Swank – 5/10/1916 - 8/9/1969

Journal entry – May 28, 1960:                      

“We left Spokane about 4PM. Stopped in Priest River and bought a used Home-Lite saw. Our weekends work for us was all set. Reached cabin about 7PM. Everyone (Maxine, Michael, Mardel and I) up early the next day, even the dogs, Howdy and Teddy. We cut 52 chunks of wood and cleaned up the trees that had fallen on the path. We all laughed as Teddy worked to get a squirrel from wood pile on the beach…Later this proved to be a sad day. After a late breakfast, Mardel said Teddy was acting sick. Within a few minutes he was dead.  Dr. Pfarr, a vet, came and told us he thought it was strychnine poisoning… Next day was a pretty day – warm and sunny. Maxine and Mardel washed cabin windows inside and out, as Michael and I cleaned the beach… Headed home at 7PM.”


Lillian Kenny

Lillian and her husband Ed discovered Priest Lake in the late 1950s when they moved from Pendleton, Oregon to Spokane. They stayed at Hill's Resort until the early 1970s when they found a home at the Outlet Bay Resort. They enjoyed fishing, pinochle, family and especially introducing family and friends to the place they loved. Even family from as far away as Holland and Ireland made their way to Priest Lake. After retiring, they traveled but always loved returning to their place at the Lake. The love of Priest Lake continues through their family and all the other families that were introduced by Lillian and Ed. Lillian Kenney was Rocky Kennedy’s Great Aunt. Rocky and Autumn's daughter is named after her. As a boy, Rocky Kennedy discovered Priest Lake because of Ed and Lillian Kenny.


Michael Swank

Michael Swank – 6/22/1943 – 3/14/2019

Journal entry – July 30 - August 5, 2008: 

“Arrived to lake in late afternoon. Kara, Nate, Ethan (4yrs) and Cameron (1.5yrs) greet Sue and I. Marisa arrives the next day from Boise… Weather windy and cooler than normal. I notice two trees down behind cabin. Then see another tree down further up the hill. Nate and I cut up downed trees and split the wood for fireplace use. Ethan enjoys rolling log sections down the hill. Cameron picks up sticks for beach fire. Fishing was good in the lake and Indian Creek. Ethan caught two brook trout. A great summer for huckleberries. Picked over 4 gallons our first day… Huge fish fry for dinner. Homemade huckleberry ice cream for dessert. Weather turns hot. In the 90’s. Too hot for bare feet on the beach. Ethan and Cameron loving the lake. Ethan calls the lake “Prettiest Lake.” You’re so right, Ethan.” 


Maxine Swank

Maxine Swank – 1/20/1918 - 9/14/2014

Journal entry - May 15, 1948:                

“Our first trip to our newly acquired cabin site, Lot 206. Rented a boat at Luby Bay with daddy’s 7 ½ horse Mercury. So with eager hearts Maurice, Michael (5yrs), Mardel (1yr), Grandma Swank and I set out. We made an uneventful crossing. Took us well over an hour. Grandma Swank and I burned brush, while Maurice took survey of the land. He made a rope playpen for Mardel, but even that wasn’t very successful. We had our first picnic lunch up on the hill east of cabin site. An afternoon storm blew up and the motor went in the lake – Maurice took it and hung it up for a while and just prayed, I guess… Motor started and thus ended the first day spent at our lot – and in spite of the motor trouble, playpen trouble, and mosquitoes, we were still enthusiastic.”